Set in the leafy back lanes of hayle and near to the A30 sits the two lake fishery known as Kernow Coarse Fishery.

This Idyllic location consists of a larger carp lake and a smaller match lake both holding great numbers of carp, roach, tench, rudd, koi, crucians and perch. It is a haven for wildlife and there are a varied amount of wildbirds to see including owls, buzzards, finches, robins and many more. Sometimes some ground life is rummaging around, shrews and field mice.

The carp include common, mirror, ghost, leather, grass carp and koi most to doubles but some to 20+.

There are also crucians.

The main lake is almost an “N” shape with three islands. It also has an inlet feeding from the smaller lake. There are deep and shallow swims all have relatively easy access. The fish patrol the edges but they can be caught anywhere. The main lake has fish to 20+lb and there are several double figure fish to be had.

The smaller lake is being redeveloped to make it more accessible and family friendly providing for wheelchair access and other facilities. This will be the match lake. It provides great sport in that it holds some nice size carp to double figures and some big roach among other species.

Best baits include maggot, worm, corn, pellet, boilies and biscuit. If you are using groundbait then a light and dark mix with corn, caster, hemp, and pellet will provide you with a great bag of silver fish and carp.

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