Fishery Rules

Kernow Coarse Fishery Rules

. Fishery Feed pellet only, you may use your own pellet hookbait.

. Please spread out all nets when you arrive at your swim/peg and place in the water 15 minutes prior to starting fishing.

. Two rods only per angler (Marker rods must be reeled in once area has been selected).

.Never leave rods unattended.

. No braided main lines, no leaders, no leadcore in any shape or form.

. Barbless hooks only. (Not barbed hooks with nipped down barbs). Maximum size 6, no bent hooks, or longshank nailer patterns.

. Leads must be able to break free with minimum force.

. Unhooking mats must be large and well padded, i.e. beanie mat or carp cradle.

. Antiseptic must be used to treat abrasions on fish.

. No tiger, peanuts, monkey nuts or goo.

. No transferring fish between lakes.

. No litter, please take it home with you.

, Please retain any damaged or sick fish and let staff know.

. Anyone trying to remove fish from these waters will be prosecuted, we operate 24 hr surveillance. Protected by FSB.

. No excess alchohol or drugs.

. All dogs must be kept on a lead and the owner must clean up any mess.

. No swimming, loud music or noise.

. Please use the toilets provided.

. No cat or dogmeat to be used, luncheon meat can be used as hookbait only. Floating dog biscuits may be used by pleasure anglers but not in matches.

. Please respect other anglers.

. You must have a disgorger, landing net and freshwater fishing gear. (No sea fishing gear allowed).

. Respect all fish at all times.

. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Any problems or questions please call Chris Graham on: 07805 573653