Match rules

Kernow Coarse Fishery Match Rules

. All Keepnets to be spread out when you get to your peg and not put in the water until 15 minutes before the all in.

. All feeders/leads must be free running. No fixed or bolt rigs allowed.

.Barbless hooks only. Maximum size 12.

. No use of braided line.

. No floating baits or floating poles.

. No candle or rattler floats.

. 2 kg maximum groundbait allowed to be fed through a feeder or pole pot only. No balling. Small nuggets can be fed by hand but only at a maximum range of 5 metres.

. Net limit 50 lb. If you go over 50 lb you will get 50 lb. If you go over 60 lb you will get zero for that net. Keep silvers and small carp up to a 1 lb in one net and larger carp in another.

. Fishery feed pellet only. You can use your own hook pellets. No dog or cat food. Luncheon meat can be used as hookbait only.

. Halfway rule applies. If you have an empty peg next to you, you can fish up to it but not beyond.

. Any queries speak to  Chris.