We do have a set of rules here at Kernow Coarse Fishery, this is for the protection of the environment around the lakes and the protection of the fish within the lakes.

Most baits accepted see below

Rules are as follows:

Fishery feed pellet only, you may use your own pellet as hookbait.

Please spread out all nets when you arrive at your peg and place in the water 15 minutes prior to starting fishing.

Two rods maximum per angler.

Never leave rods unattended, remove from the water when leaving your swim.

No braided mainlines, no leaders, no leadcore in any shape or form.

Barbless hooks only (no crushed barbs) maximum size 6, no bent hooks or longshank nailer patterns.

Leads must be able to break free with minimum force.

Unhooking mats must be large and padded eg: beannie mat or cradle.

Cat meat, dog meat,peanuts and tiger nuts are strictly prohibited.

Luncheon meat to be used on the hook only not as loosefeed.

No transferring of fish between the two lakes.

Please retain any damaged or sick fish and let the management know.

Anyone trying to remove fish from these waters will be prosecuted, we operate a 24hr surveillance system. Protected by FSC.

No excess alcohol. Illegal / controlled drugs or substances are not to be brought to the fishery.

No swimming, loud music or noise.

Dogs are welcome but, must be under control at all times.

Owners must clean up any mess.

Please use toilets provided.